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I have been researching the supplies needed to cover my kitchen island and stumbled across your blog.
Do you know if the metal is galvanized? I am looking for something food grade, although not necessary.
I found you on a pinterest search for metal table tops, will be taking a scroll through the rest of your blog now!!!!

сердце, воображение и разум - вот та среда, где зарождается то, что мы называем культурой независимая автоэкспертиза кунцевская у истины есть сила убеждения, которой не обладают ни ошибки, ни ложь независимая экспертиза кольцевая

I love your table top! So great. I hate having to worry about a dining table top (and I don't; ours is a beat-up Craigslist find). Yours is so stylish! Need to find a sheet metal worker friend...

I suggest adding a "+ Google" button for the blog!

Absolument. Parfois, le meilleur exercice de l'écriture pour moi est d'écrire un blog de ​​mémoire - il desserre les articulations, pour ainsi dire. Je ferais bien de s'en souvenir plus souvent ...

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So fun article is! I know more from it.

This table is just grand! But beyond the metal surface... or the imaginative twist of drawing on it... I like its length and that it gives a peek into sure-to-be loud-and fabulous dinners at it. No one as creative as you would have a table that long and long-loved without many many raucous, creative meals shared around it. Congratulations on having a home filled with such a sense of wonder and creativity.

I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

All restaurants should do this, don't you think??? We could all entertain ourselves while waiting for our food and we'll use less paper. :-)

what a great idea. In this way, with simple things it will become more and more memorable.


I've been away from the blogosphere for awhile... Been traveling to Paris, France among other things. But I'm back now and I'm checking in on you. Congrats on your race!

And this surprise table top? To die for!


Vic from the "Stranger Than Fiction" blog.

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