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I tagged you on my blog today. :)

love the idea of the art.o.mat....when i was a kid and we would travel and stop on the turnpike ...there were machines, that looked like cigarette machines, but they dispensed little toys. oh, how i loved them and would beg to get things
so glad you visited
i'm wearing my chucks today too :)
take care

I came to your blog via The Little Travelers b/c I liked your blog name. :) Lo and behold, you're talking about Art-O-Mats. We are HUGE art-o-mat collectors at my house, more than 150 at last count. Yet, somehow, I've never blogged about them myself. Hmm...must remedy that. Art-o-mats originate in my hometown, and I discovered them years ago at the site where they originated (Mary's Of Course). Very cool to see across the blogosphere. I hope you enjoy your art-o-mat machine!

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